Couple accused of stealing from tornado victim

By Phil Pendleton  | 

Calvin Johnson is in a lot of trouble, yet he doesn’t think what he did at a Laurel County home…was all that bad.

“They’re trying to charge me with burglary, how can it be burglary when there’s nothing to there to retain anything,” he said Tuesday from the Laurel County jail, questioning the charges of stealing stuff from tornado ravaged area.

Johnson and his wife, Melinda, are accused of stealing a bunch of stuff from Loyd Isaac’s destroyed East Bernstadt home…

“I think this is one of the worst things thieves could do,” said Deputy Sheriff Gilbert Acciardo of the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office.

The Johnsons were caught in the act of the alleged crime….by the homeowner.

“Police hand me handcuffed real tight, (homeowner) called me all kinds of names, he pointed the gun at me, I don’t know what the problem was” said Johnson.

“They told us the reason they were taking, was that the house was damaged and it was OK to take the things,” said Acciardo.

Johnson and his wife are charged with a burglary second degree.

“I did have his stuff, I gave back his stuff,” said Johnson.

And Johnson admitted to 27 NEWSFIRST that he made a mistake.

“It was wrong, but it was stupid, the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” said Johnson.

The victim says he did get most of his belongings back.

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