Couple killed, five others injured in crash

A married couple has died in a four-vehicle crash.

Pulaski County Sheriff's deputies say 70-year-old James Woodall pulled out in front of vehicles on U.S. 27, after leaving a funeral service at Morris and Hislope funeral home around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Sheriff Todd Wood can tell us what happened, but he doesn't know why it happened.

Wood says there were witnesses who say the car stopped before pulling out on U.S. 27, but for whatever reason the driver didn't see the oncoming traffic.

The sheriff says the car was hit by an SUV going north. The impact sent the SUV into the path of another vehicle. The Woodalls' car was also hit again, according to the Sheriff.

Woodall and his wife, 71-year-old Betty Woodall, died.

Five others involved in the accident went to the hospital.

They have been identified as Ruth Merritt, Rose Godbey, Gary Poynter, Helen Poynter, and Juanita Dick all of Pulaski County.

Sheriff Wood says none of those injuries were life-threatening.

Minutes after the collision in front of the funeral home, Police got word of another collision involving a volunteer firefighter on his way to help the initial crash.

The sheriff says the firefighter was not seriously injured.

After the crash U.S. 27 was closed until 3 a.m. Wednesday.

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