Violent crash injures seven

By Kristen Kennedy | 

MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Seven people injured on Route 3, five hurt so badly crews had to airlift them to area hospitals.

"It was really messy. The one van was over toward the side and the jeep was probably 30, 50 feet from the other one and they had four, five choppers on the ground," Jason R. Jude told WKYT.

Jude has worked for the Inez Fire Department for 12 years. He says the six men inside the 15-passenger van were air medics.

"Far as what I know they was headed toward the airport," said Jude.

From what they could see, people living nearby say this was an almost head-on collision.

"Oh it's horrifying, I've never seen anything like that before in my life," said Roxanne Tomblin, who lives nearby.

Tomblin says the wreck shook her home. When she went up to see what happened, she says the woman driving the Jeep looked like she was hardly breathing.

"The Jeep had looked like it had been just run over by a freight train. And the van had just looked like it had just I don't know, just turned upside down. It was all just horrifying, I've never seen nothing like that before in my life...It's a miracle if they live, it's a miracle."

State police are handling this investigation. But right now they're not releasing conditions on any of the injured, or what they think could have led to the wreck.

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