Delay in Harlan Co. adventure tourism attraction

By Paige Quiggins | 

Tour guides have geared up for the opening of the Black Mountain Thunder zip line in Harlan County, but they have been faced with a 2 week delay.

“We're most definitely ready for this to be open, i am anticipating it so much, I'm ready I’m ready!” said Kimberly Begley, one of the zip line Tour Guides.

“We were supposed to open on Labor Day weekend, we had a huge crowd here, we ran into problems with insurance, it's going to take ten working days to get that all settled out so we are probably looking at two weekends that we should have had a giant crowd here,” said Vice Chairman Dallas Gilbert of the Harlan County Outdoor Recreation Board Authority.

County officials said the attraction is bound to bring in lots of revenue.

“I think it's the first step for adventure tourism, our adventure tourism is an untapped resource and we're ready to tap into it,” said Harlan County Magistrate Jonathan Pope.

Guides said they have to work on safety first before they open to the public, but they are beginning to get impatient with excitement.

“We are looking forward to all kinds of people coming and having a good time,” said Chrystal Weedman, another one of the zip line Tour Guides.

The official plan is for an opening in 10 business days.

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