Details on one Laurel County escapee's capture

By Jerrika Insco | 

Leads and a tip lead officials to catching one Laurel County escapee.

Officials worked day and night for four days straight searching for escapees Jimmy Martin and Mark Turner.

Jimmy Martin is now back behind bars at the Laurel County Correctional Center.

The search continues for Mark Turner.

But how did the men escape in the first place?

The two men asked work release supervisors if they could use the restroom and then proceeded to escape out the back door of the City of London Recycling Center.

"We believe that they entered the creek in this area here, crossed the railroad tracks, and then exited behind the Somerset Community College," said Jamie Mosley, Laurel County Jailer.

Tips of two suspicious men near Gum Branch Road in Clay County led police officials to a mobile home Friday night.

"Martin had used the telephone to make a phone call, I'm assuming to a family member that would come over here and pick him up," said Kevin Johnson, Clay County Sheriff.

Officials assume the men spotted their cars in the area.

"The two individuals decided to split up and one go one way and one go the other," said Sheriff Johnson.

Sheriff Johnson says Martin attempted to escape through a back window and run, but then he stopped nearly 30 yards ahead.

"These individuals are just as dangerous in Clay or Laurel or whatever county they may be in," said Sheriff Johnson.

Officials encourage anyone with information on the whereabouts of Turner to call law enforcement.

Laurel County Crimestoppers is still offering a one-thousand dollar reward for information leading to Turner's arrest.

Police currently do not have any leads on Turner's whereabouts.

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