EKY woman uses music to fight an illness

By Jordan Vilines  | 

She says that she's finally living the life she was meant to have.

Two years ago, 63-year-old Sharon Morris enrolled at the HCTC Kentucky Bluegrass and Traditional School of Music to fulfill her passion of singing and playing guitar.

It was nine years ago when Sharon Morris was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Morris knew she had to make a decision.

Morris said, “I can work toward something and make my life better or I can just sit here in the house and wait. The doctor said in ten years you will be probably be housebound.”

But as the year 2013 approaches, Morris is far from being house-bound.

Now, Morris is bound to her school’s recording studio.

It was music that began soothing her symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Morris says since she started school, her symptoms have improved by 75 percent.

Morris started school at HCTC in 2010 where she now has a 4.0 grade point average and a nearly perfect attendance record.

She is certainly an inspiration to both students and staff.

Morris says her story shows the power of music and how it's helped turn her whole life around.

“I don't think it’s the end of my journey, I think it’s just the beginning,” Morris said.

A journey made possible by her ability to turn adversity into accomplishments.

Morris hopes to graduate from HCTC with her Associate Degree in May of 2013.

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