Elementary School Holds Animal Supply Drive

By Steve King | 

Fourth grade science teacher Lanitta Moore was teaching human interaction with the environment when her classes learned about abused and neglected animals.

She said that the students wanted to help in any way they could.

"Even if you're a child, you can make a difference. I want them to know that in the future they're going to be the adults. They're going to be taking care of this world," said Moore.

Now, these Hunter Hills Elementary School fourth graders are holding a drive to collect a variety of items for the animals. The supplies gathered will go to Justice for Abused Animals, which is an organization relying entirely on donations.

"We can use any type of item they can donate. We can use dog food, blankets, collars, toys, It's awesome. It's great," said Jamie Medlin, the founder of the organization.

The children are very proud to help the needy animals.

"It makes me feel happy because I have a stray cat and it just makes me feel good inside that we get to help animals that don't get to live the right lifestyle and that get abused," said Destiny Patterson, a fourth grader.

"I'm hoping that if they give empathy for other living creatures like animals hopefully they'll transfer that over to humans as well," Moore said.

The drive lasts until March 29th. Anyone is welcome to donate to the drive.

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