Facebook a crime fighting tool for Laurel Co. deputies

By Kendall Downing | 

It's a Facebook album you would not want to be in! The Laurel County Sheriff's Department is trying to clean up the streets with the help of their Facebook friends!

Deputies said they have not been using the social media site for very long, but they are already seeing results.

It's often said the wheels of justice move slowly. That is, until Facebook came along.

"Within two days we were already getting information about some of the suspects," said Gilbert Acciardo, with the Laurel County Sheriff's Department," The public is one of our most valuable resources."

The department is using Facebook as their latest crime fighting tool. They are posting pictures of people they call the Sheriff's Most Wanted.

"They're people that's hiding out from us," said Acciardo.

The suspects are non-violent offenders.

A couple deputies in the department came up with the idea, and they started uploading photos last week.

Since then, the department has already made an arrest.

"I know everybody has it," said Corey Shepherd, of London.

Shepherd said it makes sense for authorities to take advantage of online opportunities.

"Everybody knows everybody, and this guy may know who he is and may not like him, and may turn him in - if he sees him on Facebook," said Shepherd.

It's small-town justice that's making its way to the World Wide Web.

"It's limitless what we can do with this," said Acciardo.

Acciardo said most of the tips they've received have come over the phone.

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