Families trapped behind water in Hi Hat

By Jerrika Insco | 

19 families are without a way in and out of their neighborhood in Floyd County.

The families live in the Hi Hat community and road crews say they are working on a temporary fix to get these people access to the main road.

Water separates these families in Hi Hat from the rest of the world, the main road, civilization.

"I can't get to the store to get groceries. I need groceries. I need dog food for my dog. There's family that I'd like to see," said Sara Johnson, who is trapped behind the water.

"When you have 19 families over here and we have elderly people, pregnant people, and children that are missing school, then it's just unacceptable from our county officials," said Misty Dawson, who is also stuck in her neighborhood on Tunnel Road.

It all started when a county bridge was removed January 6th because of safety issues.

"The bridge was in bad shape. The piers was cracked and busted. So we had to build a low water bridge, so they could take that one out," said Rick Henson, who works for the county road crews.

But the low water bridge was ruined by rain.

"Everybody that lives in this area knows that this particular creek gets high. And when we had the bridge, we had no problems because at least we could get in and out," said Johnson.

Now plan B is in effect to help these people who are trapped and stuck behind a stream of water.

Road crews say they hope rocks will create a temporary bridge and stop some of the water flow, so people can get across to the main road.

Until then, even an emergency could not get these people the assistance they would need.

"If we had a heart attack or if one of the children were to fall, we would have no access to any kind of emergency care whatsoever," said Dawson.

Without walking more than three miles down railroad tracks.

People living behind the water say they need an actual bridge to get across to the main road because flooding will continue to wipe out the low water bridge.

County road officials say they are working to solve the problem by the end of the day once and for all.

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