Fans cheer on teams at border bowl

By Samantha Saracino | 

The 2011 National Guard Border Bowl kicked off Saturday bringing together two huge rivalries...Kentucky and Tennessee. Some of the best players from both states went head to head in hopes for a big win for their home state.

It was a field divided at the border bowl on Saturday. The big blue versus the big orange.

"It's all about the border war. A competition between the states. Everybody wants to one up each other," said Gary Nance, a Tennessee fan.

"It's the border. Border between the two states. We don't like them a whole lot and they don't like us," said Shelby Canton, a Kentucky fan.

A rivalry that never seems to end.

"That's just the way it is. We're better at everything. Blue is better than orange," said the Knox Central High School cheerleaders.

And the fans from both sides made their presence known as they cheered on their teams hoping for a win.

But win or loose, the real question remains.... do you bleed blue or orange? No matter who they were cheering for, Kentucky or Tennessee, fans from both sides showed up in full force ready to support their team. Tennessee did come out on top this year with a 28 to 18 win over Kentucky.

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