Five charged for allegedly smuggling drugs into prison

By Jordan Vilines | 

Drug addiction can make many addicts find a way to get their fix no matter where they are.

Five people are facing federal charges for allegedly smuggling drugs into the Pike County Detention Center.

Contraband continues to slip through metal detectors, survelliance video and even strip searches.

But inmates are bound to get busted sooner than later.

A phone call recorded by the FBI discovered that Clyde Kennedy allegedly took marijuana to Justin Mosley, an inmate on work release at the animal shelter.

Deputy John Hayes says implementing new policies for work release inmates will be the first step through the drug-free door.

Justin Mosley faces two counts of distributing marijuana and one count of attempting to introduce contraband in the jail.

Billie Mosley, Arnold Mosley Jr., Arnold Mosley III and Clyde Kennedy II face single counts of attempting to introduce contraband.

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