Floyd Co. Rescue Squad celebrates and prepares

By Hillary Thornton | 

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Construction is underway on the Floyd County Emergency and Rescue Squad's new headquarters. On Saturday, members not only celebrated the squads 56th birthday, but also prepared to begin a new chapter.

Captain Tim Cooley says, "Over 56 years we have been very blessed to have the credentials we have. In 2007, we were ranked third in the nation."

The Floyd County Rescue Squad's history is what many squad members say makes the team so special. Captain Cooley says, "We were created because of the horrific bus crash on February 28, 1958....only two months later was this squad formed." They were established on April 27, 1958, as Kentucky's first rescue squad.

Rescue squad members say besides the day of their creation, Saturday is the most important day in the squad's history. Captain Cooley explains, "This rescue squad was created because of God's hand and it has been kept because of it and it is not going anywhere until he says we're done. We want to make sure we start things right."

Squad members and community members walked and prayed around the property from 8 a.m. until a group prayer ceremony at 4 p.m.

Squad Chaplain Judy Yunker says, "Praying for all those victims we have helped over the years, all the members and their families that have dedicated their lives to helping and for the businesses who have allowed us to get to this point."

Officials say it is imperative that the community supports them in prayer as they root both themselves and their new building in God. Captain Cooley says, "For them to join us in prayer and dedicate this land back to the Lord because that is why we are here."

Officials say they hope to have all construction completed and be moved into their new headquarters by the end of this year.

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