Floyd County Animal Shelter works to reach adoption goal, needs community support

By Erika Glover | 

FLOYD Co., Ky. (WYMT) - Floyd County Animal Shelter Manager Shauna Brown said every single day their center takes in animals.

"We usually have between 80 and 100 dogs," Brown said. "Plus sometimes we get up to 70 cats."

Stacy Lorencen is a volunteers at shelter. She said they are constantly trying to find just the right owner.

"We try our best to give them all the care we can, but they need a forever home," said Lorencen.

To help with overflow the Floyd County Farmer's Market, in downtown Prestonsburg, and shelter volunteers teamed up and sponsored a pet adoption fair Saturday.

"I think we took 13 dogs and a couple of kittens," Brown said. Still, Brown said, there were zero adoptions. Now they are hoping to spread the word.

"We want to be a no-kill shelter and to do that we have to get adoptions up," Brown said. "The longer an animal stays here the longer we have to turn more away."

Everyone at the Floyd County Animal Shelter is asking for community support.

Brown said, "If it weren't for this shelter they wouldn't have anywhere to go."

Where the animals will go from here, managers said, is up to you.

To contact the Floyd County Animal Shelter, call 606-886-3189.

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