Floyd County man facing DUI charges

By Angela Sparkman | 

A Floyd County man recently released from prison is now facing charges after an alleged DUI wreck that seriously injured a five year old girl.

Officials say 50 year old Marion Kilburn has a 30 year criminal history that includes dozens of alcohol related offenses.

Floyd County Sheriff's Deputies say Marion Kilburn was driving on the wrong side of the road on US-23 in Allen Friday night.

Deputy Jeremy Shepherd says, "he turned into the northbound lane and hit Mr. Conn and his daughter head on."

He says both the five year old girl and Kilburn suffered serious injuries. The two are now listed in fair condition at the U-K hospital.

Shepherd says, "that night he was so intoxicated, he had no idea what he'd done."

It's not the first time Kilburn was allegedly driving drunk.

Floyd County Jail records show he was arrested 27 times since 1995 on alcohol related charges, the latest two weeks ago on January 29th but was released on the 30th.

State records show he was just released from prison on December 29th after serving time for a 2007 drug trafficking conviction.

He was paroled in 2008, but then went back to prison in 2009 after a DUI conviction violated his parole.

"He has a very long history of drinking and driving and alcohol abuse. All we do is arrest him. It's not up to us on how they get out. I don't know why. It's frustrating," Shepherd said.

Deputies are charging Kilburn with two counts of assault, DUI, and driving on a suspended license for the wreck that injured the five year old and her dad.

Deputies say they hope he does not get out on the roads again.

Shepherd said, "I'm going to try to keep him in prison this time, hopefully. We'll see what we can get done, but we're really going to try to put him away this time to save lives."

Kilburn will be arrested as soon as he is out of the hospital.

Deputies are also searching for a person they believe witnessed the crash.

Deputies say a yellow four door car with a UK sticker in the back left the scene, and they want to talk to that person as part of their investigation.

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