Former jail administrator is sentenced

By Angela Sparkman | 

The former Big Sandy Jail Administrator will be on the other side of the bars.

Henry "Butch" Williams pleaded guilty to abuse of public trust charges for allegedly accepting a bribe from an inmate.

Former Big Sandy Jail Administrator Henry "Butch" Williams pleaded guilty to abuse of public trust and official misconduct charges.

Police say he accepted a truck from an inmate in exchange for transferring the inmate's wife from another jail to the Big Sandy Detention Center.

“We're asking you to show leniency in this matter. He acknowledged responsibility in this case,” Defense Attorney Brent Caldwell said.

Williams had no plea deal from prosecutors. His attorney asked the judge for no prison time.

“He definitely has serious, serious, health problems. I would ask the court for home incarceration and allow him to be supervised,” Caldwell said.

Judge John David Preston disagreed.

“The court is of the opinion this case involves a charge that is a serious abuse of public trust that the court cannot ignore or take lightly. Therefore, it is the judgment of the court the defendant be sentenced to serve five years in the penitentiary,” Judge John David Preston said.

Williams was taken into custody as his family left the courtroom crying.

Williams' family and his defense attorney did not want to talk on camera after the sentencing.

“I think this sends a message to our community that we want our officials and people in public office to carry out the duties they're elected to do or in this case, appointed to do,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Anna Melvin said.

Williams could be eligible for parole after one year.

Williams was taken to the Leslie County Detention Center instead of the Big Sandy Jail.

He will stay there until he is transferred to prison.

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