Freezing temperatures can be dangerous

By Kendall Downing | 

Road crews have been working nonstop to keep the roads clear.
That means they've had to work in the cold and stay safe while doing it.

"I've had about eight hours sleep in the last 48 hours, and it's been frigid," said Jacob Lawson, a worker with the Department of Highways.

"It's early in December, and right now we're getting colder weather than we anticipated," said Claude Cooper, Highway Department Superintendent.

But road crews and others outside have to stay safe when it gets cold.

"The tips of your ears, fingertips, tips of your toes, the most important thing is to protect those areas," said Dr. Mitchell Wicker, with the Hazard Clinic.

Frostbite occurs when skin tissues freeze.

Wicker said it's easy to prevent.

"Don't be out in the cold without the proper clothing," said Wicker.

"We try to keep the equipment good, so it's got good heat in the equipment," said Cooper.

Workers said they try to limit their exposure.

"If you can tell which side the wind's blowing, park your truck so you can get out on the side where it's not," said Lawson.

Because making sure everyone is safe is the most important part.

"When you've got ice, and you've got freezing temperatures involved with that also it's just a dangerous situation," said Cooper.

A few of the symptoms of frostbite include a burning sensation in your extremities, itching, numbness, or a wooden feeling in your hands. You may also experience a loss of sensation.

Dr. Wicker said folks should consider wearing mittens instead of gloves, because mittens allow your fingers to stay warmer by trapping body heat.

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