George Jones' widow talks about final moments with her husband

By Stacy McCloud | 

NASHVILLE, Tenn - - From 2 up to 92, one thing most of the world has in common is a love for George Jones. But no one loved "The Possum" more than his wife of 30 years, Nancy. "George was the most loving man, truthfully he was" says Nancy.

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Nancy and George married in March of 1983. On more than one occasion he's credited her with saving his life, but Nancy says he did a lot for her too. He taught her the ins and outs of the music business, but more than anything taught her how to love. "His favorite line is God wouldn't want you to be mad at them. He taught me if you was mad at someone you don't hold a grudge. You kill em with kindness, don't mean you have to run with em but always be nice to them. Sure enough it works. Makes you fill good. Don't have all that bitterness inside."

It's hard for Nancy to hold back tears during our interview. "We've been together so long. It's hard" she says. But she clings to some of his final words. "I was crying and he said why are you crying for, I have had 81 good years. Some of them I've messed up , paid for em, but now I'm going to heaven. I've had 81 years. Don't cry honey."

While the world may have lost a legend, Nancy lost her best friend. "It's so sad. So lonesome" she says.

But George thought about that too and left a very special young man in charge - his 13 year old adopted grandson Carlos. "When he came to the hospital George said you are gonna have to be the man of the house and Carlos said, I an do it paw paw, I can do it. Sure enough the fist night I got up and was going to get something to drink. He said I'll get it maw maw. I'm the man of the house now."

Nancy says all she can do now is carry out all his final wishes and make sure his legacy lives on. "He talked all the way up to 6 hours before he died. I am carrying everything out he wanted me to do."

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