Governor Beshear vetoes portions of bare-bones state budget

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Gov. Steve Beshear has used his line-item
veto power to delete some spending proposals that lawmakers added to a bare-bones budget proposal.

Beshear released a statement Wednesday saying he had stricken
"several provisions of the budget which add new obligations, limit
necessary flexibility, and reduce the ability to manage this

Among them were earmarks for a variety of new initiatives that
lawmakers wanted to pay for by cutting $80 million from existing
government programs.

Beshear said the $19 billion budget was the most difficult since
he took office because of revenue losses triggered by a lingering
economic recession that the state is slowly rebounding from.

Lawmakers who reconvene Thursday for the last day of a
legislative session could override the vetoes.
The legislation is House Bill 265.

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