Guns and drugs seized from Martin County home

By Angela Sparkman | 

Dozens of guns and thousands of pills are seized from a home in Martin County.

Sheriff's deputies believe 64 year old Harold Doug Johnson was running a pawn business, trading guns for pills.

Johnson faces a list of charges including drug trafficking and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Deputies raided his home on Doug Johnson Lane on Sunday.

"He had several other things to that we couldn't take, but it looked almost like a pawn shop," said Sheriff Garmon Preece.

Sheriff Preece says this was not a legal pawn shop. He says it appears the owner, Harold Doug Johnson, was trading guns and other items for drugs.

"There was too much pills laying around, too many guns," said Sheriff Preece.

Deputies say they found 38 guns in the house along with 1,976 pills, mostly oxycontin, loracet, hydrocodone, xanax, and soma.

Investigators also found $1,900 in the house.

The Sheriff said the raid started after the department received many complaints of drugs in the Johnson Bottom area. He said a highway safety checkpoint on Route 3 Sunday led to a search warrant for Johnson's home.

"We charged him with trafficking because it looked like to me that's what he was doing," said Sheriff Preece.

Johnson also faces charges for the guns because he is a convicted felon.

He is also charged with tampering with physical evidence because deputies say when the jailer was booking him, he had pills in his socks and then tried to crush them with his shoes.

Deputies are still investigating where the nearly two thousand pills came from and say more charges or arrests are possible.

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