Harlan County raises money at Relay for Life

By Rebekah Pewitt | 

HARLAN, Ky. (WYMT) - Hundreds of people are continuing to fight against cancer at tonight's Harlan County Relay for Life.

Patsy Williams says she is one chemotherapy treatment away from winning her fight against cancer.

“I was diagnosed in February of this year with breast cancer I've gone through 5 chemo treatments so far I've got one left,” said Williams.

She was surrounded by her team of friends and family at the Harlan County Relay for life, and their theme for the night is he can heal cancer.

“We put that in there because our god is willing and able and he has brought my sister through it and we just want to give him the glory for everything,” said Williams’ sister Samantha Long.

They say they're celebrating another birthday that Williams will get to have, but she says she's using the relay to honor her father.

“I don't feel like today is about me my father passed away from pancreatic cancer last year and I’m here to support his cause and I feel like he didn't have the chance at survival like I did,” said Williams.

Twelve other teams participated in the relay, but Williams' family says their team is relying on their faith.

“I would ask everyone to pray for all the people that have cancer so that maybe they can find a cure,” said Williams’ daughter.

The teams had a set goal of raising 35-thousand dollars at tonight's relay.

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