Harlan County post office will close

By Kendall Downing | 

Community leaders tried to save it, but their efforts were not enough. The postal service will close its office in the Holmes Mill community in Harlan County.

It is part of a larger plan by the U.S. Postal Service to scale back rural operations and save money.

By the stream in Holmes Mill sits the community's post office.

"It's been around for a long time. That's what we're used to having you know," said Barbara Roberts.

Roberts comes to the Holmes Mill Post Office every day. She gets a lot of mail.

"I don't know. I am just popular, you know," said Roberts.

This building's days are numbered though. The postal service has decided to shut it down, despite a petition from community members.

The decision to close was based on how much business the post office does. Studies by the post office showed the Holmes Mill location saw less than ten customers each day.

Once it closes, folks in Holmes Mill will have to travel to the Closplint post office, miles down the road.

"We've had some post offices close in the past, and it hurts because that post office is part of that community," said Joe Grieshop, Harlan County Judge-Executive.

"It's upsetting because it's convenient, it's close, and it's been here for years," said Roberts.

Roberts said this building holds a lot of childhood memories, and she'll think about that as long as she can.

"Just enjoy it while it lasts you know, and then you go somewhere else," said Roberts.

The Holmes Mill Post Office will close at the end of the business day on Friday, May 6th. Holmes Mill customers will be able to keep their mailing address and zip code, despite being served from another location.

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