Hundreds Still Without Water In Letcher Co.

By Sean Evans | 

Houses in several areas around Letcher County have had to make due without running water for the past three days.

"We got to do something about the water systems here that supply this whole county," said Paul Stevens.

Stevens and his family have had to use bottled water, either bought or picked up at various locations, to do basic things like use the bathroom or cook food.

"We've got four locations that we've been giving water out. County garage, Colson Fire Department, Sand Lick Fire department, and Letcher Fire Department," said Letcher Judge Executive Jim Ward.

Despite these efforts, Stevens says he's still not satisfied with the County's response.

"When you got a family of five it takes more than ten gallons of water a day. That's for washing purposes, drinking purposes, and all that. So no, we're not getting treated adequately," said Stevens.

Ward says crews trying to repair the water system have had several setbacks with burst pipes, and they are now trying to safeguard against that as best as possible.

"Without any more bad luck, hopefully by tomorrow evening everybody should have water," said Ward.

With the Knott County interconnect water supply now available to Letcher County water customers, Ward anticipates problems like this will be cut down in the future.

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