Ideas for a new painkiller is causing headaches for those fighting war on drugs

By Maisie Insko | 

If successfully would be the one of most powerful pain killers to ever hit the market which automatically raises a red flag for Operation UNITE's Law Enforcement Director Dan Smoot.

"The news of pure hydrocodone is of course very discouraging." Smoot says.

Smoot actually believes drug companies and doctors are part of the reason so many people are addicted to pain killers.

"Quite frankly after the pain subsides what's left are drug addicted eastern Kentuckians. I think we need to spend more time educating doctors on addiction rather than giving them more narcotics to prescribe."

Prior to the Florida Pill Pipeline Smoot says hyrdrocodone was one of the most sought after drugs in the area and if this new drug makes it to market he fears it will gain even more popularity.

"Hydrocodone is an extremely popular drug in this region and there's no doubt it will be sought after as the new drug of choice." he says.

Drug companies say patients on this medicine would be closely monitored to help prevent addiction but Smoot believes that's just a sound bite.

"I think it's irresponsible to say with this drug they'll be closer supervision and more monitoring, you can tell that's a drug company’s statement but down here at ground zero it never happens."

Officials say the 100% pure hyrdrocodone medication would be ten times stronger than medicines like Vicodin. However, the FDA would have to approve the medicine before it ever hits the market.

Oxycodone is currently the most abused medicine in the United States but hydrocodone is next in line as the nation's most second abused drug.

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