JetBlue pilot suspended for mid-air meltdown

The JetBlue pilot who passengers say had a complete meltdown in midair is under police guard undergoing psychiatric treatment at a Texas hospital.

The FBI is leading the investigation into possible federal charges against the captain.

JetBlue suspended the pilot who caused the mid-air chaos on Flight 191.

Passengers say veteran pilot Clayton Osbon had a mental breakdown, running up the aisle ranting about a bomb and screaming,"they are going to take us down".

The 49 year old captain became irate after his co-pilot tried to trick him into leaving the cockpit so he could lock him out.

When a flight attendant could not calm the pilot, passengers took action.

The JetBlue Flight from New York to Las Vegas landed safely in Texas and Osbon was taken into custody.

In an interview, the president of JetBlue says he's known Osbon for years and that nothing in the pilot's record would indicate he would be a risk on a flight.

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