Jewelry stolen in TN found in Whitley County

By Angela Sparkman | 

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Williamsburg Police have recovered thousands of dollars worth of jewelry stolen from Tennessee. Police found it a home in Williamsburg and arrested one man.

Williamsburg Police say Jeffrey L. Gray, 51, faces charges both in Whitley County and in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

Investigators say he stole jewelry worth $9,000 from a home in Claiborne County and brought back to Whitley County.

Williamsburg Police say on Wednesday, Claiborne County Sheriff's Deputies came to Williamsburg looking for stolen jewelry. Police say they went to Gray's home on Croley Bend Road and found it. They also recovered a stolen firearm from a home on 25W.

Investigators say Gray knew the victims in Claiborne County but they have not determined a motive for the burglary.

Police returned the stolen items back to the owners.

"Anytime you get people's property back, they seem to be very happy," said Det. Bobby Freeman.

Police arrested Gray on receiving stolen property charges and took him to the Whitley County jail. Claiborne County Sheriff's Deputies are also filing charges against him.

Police say Gray will face the charges in Whitley County first and then go to Claiborne County, Tennessee for the charges there.

Gray is scheduled to appear in court in Whitley County on December 30th.

Williamsburg Police believe Gray was not the only one involved and say more arrests are pending.

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