Jury finds man guilty of manslaughter

By Angela Sparkman | 

A Martin County jury recommends a more than 30 year sentence for a man convicted of manslaughter.
Sherman Doug Perry was found guilty of manslaughter, assault, and DUI for causing a crash last year that killed Fred Marcum and seriously injured Robin Crum.

Robin Crum says her life forever changed seven months ago. She was a passenger in Fred Marcum's car when Sherman Doug Perry crossed the center line and hit them head on. She says, "every time I'm in the car, just every car that passes me, petrifies me. Wondering, are they going to do the same thing?"

She will always suffer from the severe injuries she received, but says Marcum's death is the scar. "He's very missed. He was very loved," Crum said.

Prosecutors say Perry had taken pills and marijuana before he drove.

He was charged with murder, but the jury convicted him of manslaughter along with assault, and DUI in Marcum's death.

During the penalty phase, Perry's son and brother said their lives are also changed and asked for mercy.

His brother said, "I'm not saying he don't deserve a punishment, he does. Lord knows if he could take that other boy's place he would. Just think about his kids."

The jury recommended 10 years for manslaughter, 20 years for assault, and six months for DUI and recommended they be served consecutively. "It's not the best we could have got, but it's okay. At least we know for the next 20 years, he won't be back on the roads," said Crum.

The judge will sentence Perry in July.

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