KY mom delivers 12.5 pound baby

Wednesday afternoon was a very special day at Clark Regional Hospital in Winchester.

"The largest baby in my 25 years here," said Dr. Mark Pascuzzi, who delivered Bella Betty Jean Adkins.

Bella weighed 12 pounds, five ounces at birth.

Jenna Adkins, the baby's mother, is a diabetic. Doctors say Jenna took exceptional care of herself during her pregnancy, and that's one reason baby Bella is healthy and doing so well.

Jenna says she stayed positive during the her planned C-Section.

"I just trusted them that the baby would be alright. She's beautiful - big. When I first saw her face I just couldn't wait to hold her."

This is the second child for Jenna, and her husband, Todd.

Jenna no stranger to having big babies. Her first daughter was a ten pounder. She now says two children are enough.

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