Kentucky Senators exchange harsh words

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - The rancor stemming from stalemated talks
to shore up Kentucky's Medicaid budget led to a harsh exchange
between two state senators.
The verbal snapping Wednesday involved Republican Sen. Damon
Thayer of Georgetown and Democratic Sen. Tim Shaughnessy of
It began when Thayer gave a Senate speech criticizing Gov. Steve
Beshear's handling of the budget. Thayer mentioned Beshear several
times without referring to him as governor, and even referred to
him by his first name .
That prompted Shaughnessy to accuse Thayer of not following
proper decorum. Shaughnessy said it's customary to refer to elected
officials by their title. Shaughnessy then referred to Thayer, a
Michigan native, as a Yankee.
That spurred Thayer to leave his seat and walk toward
Shaughnessy. The two stared at each other but didn't get within
close distance of each other.

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