Knives stolen from a Paintsville business

By Angela Sparkman | 

Thousands of dollars worth of knives are stolen from a Paintsville business.

Police arrested three suspects and recovered many of the items.

Paintsville Police say Fannin Plumbing business also sells pocket knives in the store.

Last week, more than three thousand dollars worth of knives were stolen.

Police say the thieves came in while the store was open, and hid.

“Somehow, stayed in the business right at closing time, and the owners set the alarm and left. The thieves then stole the items and exited through the rear door,” Officer Daren Estep said.

Police say surveillance video from nearby businesses caught the suspects on tape and helped police identify them.

“It played a pretty substantial role in finding the vehicles involved and stuff like that,” Estep said.

Police say Eddie Castle and the co-owner's sons, Southie Fannin and Mike Fannin are responsible but say the owners did not know it was them. The store owners declined to comment.

Police believe the three men stole the knives to sell on their own. They recovered most of the knives at a home in Floyd County.

“Where they were recovered, that subject stated he had given 25 dollars apiece for the knives to the three male subjects that were arrested,” Estep said.

The three suspects are charged with burglary.

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