Knott County Trail Ride

By Melissa Etezadi | 

In cars, on foot and on horseback people from all across the country traveled to Knott County for the annual spring trail ride.

We caught up with a few ladies who call themselves the Buckeye girls. These women drive several hours every year for this event.
But they aren't the only ones who get excited for the Knott County Trail Ride - Kelly Denes says the horses love it too! "My horse, he loves it! He can't wait. He's like Kentucky lets go!".

And the Buckeye ladies go, even when gas is pushing four dollars a gallon. "We love to trail ride and this is the best place to come so this is why we come every year. We actually come twice a year ... we come in the spring and in the fall" explains Robin Brown.

Another trail ride is held in the fall and officials say both continue to get bigger and bigger each and every year.

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