Laurel County woman chases alleged thief, catches it on camera

By Morgan Lentes | 

LONDON, Ky (WYMT) - Laurel County Sheriff's deputies need your help catching a man they tell us assaulted a woman in the middle of the road.

It happened Monday and it was all caught on tape.

Gwen Watts is a single mother.

She said she saw a strange truck parked behind a shed on her property and a man trying to break-in.

Watts said she was not about to let a would-be thief get away and that is why she decided to jump in her car and follow him.

"I heard someone up here that was on the property. I knew we had had a lot of break-ins so I just, I did not even have shoes on truthfully, I just went and done what most people would do when they think their property is threatened," said Watts.

On that Monday afternoon, Gwen Watts said she felt threatened.

The chase between Watts and the man stretched several miles and only ended when the truck's driver stopped and came at her.

"I was down on the ground and he ran off before I could get back up or I would have probably jumped in the car and tried to went after him even further to see where maybe he stopped," said Watts.

Days later, the bruises and scratches he left behind are still visible.

The Laurel County Sheriff's Department is interviewing possible suspects.

Deputy Gilbert Acciardo said they have some possible leads.

"She had a good picture of the pickup truck. We have some good pictures of him as well and it was some good information that really tremendously helped us," said Acciardo.

But Acciardo added that does not mean people should try to take the law into their own hands.

"Somebody like this is probably dangerous and we do not suggest that you follow them. We do not suggest that you try to do anything," said Acciardo.

Still, Watts says she would do it again.

"This is my property. This is my mother's property and I will fight for my family and my property," said Watts.

If caught, the man will face assault and possibly theft charges.

If you recognize the man or truck in the video, you should call the Laurel County Sheriff's Department.

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