Lee County, VA gets USDA funding to clean up from tornadoes

On March 26, after a destructive tornado struck, the United States Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency (USDA-FSA) declared Lee County eligible for the Emergency Conservation Program contingent upon funds from Washington.

Monday Calvin Parrish, State Executive Director for FSA, confirmed that USDA-FSA's national office approved $180,000 for applicants in Lee County. This money will assist with expenses for rebuilding fences, repairing farmland, and removing debris.

"Congressman Griffith has been working with us since the morning after the tornado to assess how he could help us, " said Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons. "We very much appreciate the Congressman's efforts to bring funds to these people that are suffering. It shows that he hasn't forgotten the citizens in the most Western part of his district."

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