Letcher Co. community is tired of flooding

By Katie Roach | 

Heavy, relentless rain Wednesday caused some flooding in parts of Letcher County overnight.

One of those areas was the bridge leading to the Long Branch Community off Highway 1103.

People who live close by say this happens far too often, and they say something needs to be done.

Orville Dixon says anytime it rains a significant amount, debris gets caught under the bridge, and the water is forced to flow over it making it impassable.

He says the only way out is to use this walking bridge.

"In the last two weeks my grandson has had to miss two days of school, and it's this way pretty often. Any time it comes any rain hardly, it's this way," said Dixon.

County officials say dozens of families live on the other side of this bridge, and they have every right to be frustrated.

"That low water bridge has been in there for years, and in my opinion, they should have never put a low water bridge in," said Letcher County Judge Executive Jim Ward.

Ward says money has been allocated to build a replacement bridge for the people in Long Branch.

He says construction should start sometime this summer.

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