Lily man caught burglar on tape

By Jerrika Insco | 

An elderly man's home was burglarized, and the man accused admits he stole from him to get money for pills.

Hurskin Saylor's home security system caught 27-year-old Vernon Emler leaving his home with some of his belongings in the Lily section of Laurel County.

80-year-old Saylor says his home has been hit three times in the past month urging him to buy a home security system which is what caught the burglar this time around.

One man is behind bars and another now watches his home closely after security cameras revealed where Saylor's guns disappeared to.

"I went from the back porch, pushed the air conditioner out the window, climbed through the window, went in there and got the guns off the wall and went back out the window," said Emler.

Saylor realized what had happened when he returned home to broken glass and played back the security tape.

"I will not stand for people coming in and breaking in my house and taking what I worked all my life to make," said Saylor.

Saylor invested in a home security system about a month ago, and it allows him to watch his home from all angles at just the click of a button.

As for the burglar 27-year-old Vernon Emler, he admitted what he did was wrong while trying to get a fix for his habit.

"I got a problem, don't get me wrong. I admit I got a problem. I got a pill problem, and so in the meantime he's leaving and he's got some guns hanging on his wall," said Emler.

Saylor says if he would have been home when Emler broke in, then the scene might have been a little different.

"I do keep them loaded, and I will shoot somebody if they come through this door, and I'm not expecting them," said Saylor.

It is a mistake Emler apologizes for.

"Tell him I'm sorry for breaking into his house and taking his guns," said Emler.

And something Saylor says he will always be prepared for.

"This time it did the job. It caught the guy who done it," said Saylor.

Emler is being held at the Laurel County Detention Center charged with first degree burglary on a 50,000 dollar cash bond.

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