London/ Laurel Co. set goals for 2020

By Katie Roach | 

Some say looking ahead to the future and making a plan can help focus and drive a city and a county, and that's exactly what officials in the City of London and Laurel County are doing.

They are looking ahead to the year 2020 and coming up with a plan about where they want the city and county to be.

The busy streets of downtown London show signs of growth and improvement, and city and county officials want to keep improving with a specific plan.

"The Vision 2020 will give us a direction to go and goal to meet the needs of our citizens," said London Mayor Troy Rudder.

This idea started back in 1995 with Vision 2000. Goals were set to see a new library and college, both of which came to fruition.

But for 2020, the goals focus mainly on economic development as well as quality of life, education and health care.

Specifically the plan calls for a new vocational and technical school and a new city park for London.

"Increasing the education levels of the children here, in order to enhance our workforce here, in order to grow our economic development," said the CEO of London/ Laurel County Chamber of Commerce Deanna Herrmann.

Even though the completion date for 2020 is almost eight years away, some of the ideas are already making progress.

"The Laurel County Board of Education is working on the Vo/Tech school, and we do have a park in mind and some layouts already designed," said Herrmann.

It's all to improve the lives of citizens, and once 2020 rolls around they do not want this idea to stop.

Officials are holding a summit for vision 2020 on Tuesday, November 15th at the London Community Center where they want citizens to come and give input for their city and county.

You can RSVP for the Summit by calling the Chamber of Commerce at 606-864-4789.

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