Major water line breaks at Corbin Schools extend student holiday

By Eric Eckstrom | 

Students from the Corbin Independent School District have not been to school since before Christmas, and due to multiple water line breaks, the district will be closed on Thursday as well.


Snow day…after day…after day. That’s been the trend here for Corbin Independent Schools recently.

“Another snow day for our kids in the district here! as a parent my i called my children at home and said 'how are you feeling about it?' and they were excited,” said Cynthia Davis, assistant principal at Corbin Primary School

But snow, as it turns out, isn’t the only culprit, as broken water lines are closing things up through Thursday.

“We were in a principal's meeting actually and we received notification that we had a water break here at The Primary School, we've also had a water break due to the weather at Corbin Middle School. We also have our Corbin Educational Center, which had a water break today,” said Travis Wilder, Principal at Corbin Primary School.

Administrators say they've been getting calls from working parents over the past few days hoping school is back in session, as the extended break has caused inconveniences for them.

“We have a lot of wonderful parents who work jobs - two jobs for a lot of them - and it does create a hardship for them to find where those kids are going to be so that they can go to their job, and so we understand that,” Wilder said.

But fear not parents; administrators say it will be a business as usual on Friday, and these days off will be made up at the end of the school year - a bittersweet reality for some.

“They were excited and then as they thought about it they said 'oh no, we're cutting into our summer now', and so they are ready to come back to school. They are done with the school days,” Davis said.


Thursday’s closing will make a total of five missed days for Corbin students for the year.
The last day of school is Wednesday, May 14th.