Man accused of assaulting officer tells his story from jail

By Paige Quiggins | 

A Clay County man, 30-year old Jessie Bowling said he believes he was treated unfairly after police responded to a call made by one of his own family members about a domestic dispute. He now faces nine charges, including assaulting a police officer.

Jessie Bowling has been lodged in the Three Forks Regional Jail after police arrested him early Sunday morning and charged him with multiple felonies.

“There were nine total charges,” said Bowling.
“Assaulting a police officer, I was defending myself, any human being who is beaten the way I was by trained individuals; I was fighting for my life.”

Bowling said he had multiple tazer markings as well as cuts and bruises from an altercation with a Kentucky State Trooper who was called to his home. The citation stated that he was under the influence and Bowling admits he was, but said he had not been driving.

Police reports stated he rammed his car into the side of a truck before they arrived.

“I thought I would go up in the hills and hide, which I did, and I fell asleep,” said Bowling.
“I woke up to them tazing me and beating me with those metal club things.”

Bowling admitted he knew the police were on their way because his family called them. He said he does not feel he deserved what happened to him after that. WYMT was unable to get comment from the officer who was involved because of pending litigation. The police report, or citation, told a different side to the story.

Bowling alleged he had been bitten in the face by a state trooper. The citation stated that the trooper was head-butted by Bowling, which caused him to sustain a busted lip.

“I cannot remember trying to head-butt him,” said Bowling.

The citation said Bowling's mother said she was afraid he was going to kill her.

“I may have deserved to have gone to jail, but i most certainly did not deserve to have been beaten like an animal,” said Bowling.

The trooper involved was treated and released from Manchester Memorial Hospital.

Bowling will be in Qwsley District Court on April 19 for a preliminary hearing.