Man airlifted to hospital with multiple stab wounds

By Sean Evans | 

Whatever the argument between Ronnie Jervis and his nephew Jeremy McClure was over, it turned violent when McClure attacked Jervis with a pocket knife.

One family member who didn't want to be identified says McClure was just defending his mother and grandmother after receiving threats from his uncle.

"I just hate to see Jeremy get in trouble for something he don't deserve."

Jervis' mother says she didn't hear the threats that were allegedly made by her son, but walked into the home next door to find the end result of the argument.

"He was bleeding all over, he didn't have no shirt on. And he was bleeding, you could see the holes in him. Somebody said there was about 15 holes that boy made in him, my grandson," said Verlene Jervis.

Ronnie Jervis had to be flown to UK Hospital and McClure was taken into custody and charged with assault.

"He sat there and he bled. And I sat there and wiped blood off them little holes in him, until the ambulance come and got him," said Verlene Jervis.

She says she believes her grandson Jeremy wouldn't fight unless provoked, which she says could have happened.

"Ronnie, he's got a high-strung temper."

She told us she's not worried about her son though, and says he was still talking and alert when he was taken away by paramedics.

At last check, Ronnie Jervis was listed in critical condition.

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