Man with cancer dies in mobile home fire

By Angela Sparkman | 

A man with cancer died in a mobile home fire Friday morning.
The flames started around 9:00 Friday morning at the home on Wiley Branch Road in Johnson County.
Family members say 46 year old Jesse Ball did not make it out in time.
Jesse Ball's daughter said her father was home alone in bed when the fire started.

Firefighters from at least three departments spent several hours putting out flames at the mobile home.
Casey Meade, her husband, their baby, and her father lived inside.
Meade was at work, her husband and baby were only gone 20 minutes.
"He come back and the house was on fire," said Meade.

Meade's father, Jesse Ball, who was in bed at the time, did not make it out. He had throat cancer and back problems.
"I moved him in with me so that way he'd be closer with me in case something was to happen," Meade said.

She never thought her home would catch fire and take her father's life.
"Crushed, crushed. I'm a true believer in God, so knowing that he's up there, it kind of makes me feel okay. I mean, I don't like it he's not here with me, don't like that at all, but he's getting taken care of better than what I probably could," said Meade.

The deputy state fire marshal believes an electrical problem sparked the blaze.
"So far, all indicators are the southeast corner is where the fire originated. It was a bedroom," said Mike Wiley, deputy state fire marshal.
Ball was in the other side of the home. The coroner says he died from smoke inhalation.

Casey Meade, her husband, and baby are staying with other family members.

Meade says there were no smoke detectors in the home, and she says this should be an example for others to get smoke alarms.

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