Mayor wants to void vote on water project

By Ashley Reynolds | 

The Cumberland City Council has voted to give the water interconnect project another try.
That would connect the tri-cities water and sewer systems.
But that's not the entire story.

You could say some city council members are a little heated about the last special meeting.

"To me it's like the city has been raped... and I don't appreciate it," said Council member Charles Raleigh.

Raleigh along with two other council members were not able to attend the special meeting.

Council members say Carolyn Elliott filed a motion to change the agenda.
Folks that were not on the schedule spoke before the council in support of the project.

"I've never known of a lawyer to come in and do something out of the goodness of their's a pack of lies," said Raleigh.

Then the council began to vote on the water interconnect project ....again.
This time, in favor of the proposal.

"What took place at that meeting was illegal from being to end," said Cumberland Mayor Carl Hatfield.

Hatfield says council members cannot change the agenda of a special meeting...during the meeting.

Hatfield says he is in the process of voiding the meeting... this means while the meeting physically took place ...on paper it did not happen....meaning there was no vote.

Hatfield says he did not feel comfortable saying it was illegal at the time.

"From that point...I just sat there... and listened... then let them take over the show... it was a show orchestrated event," said Hatfield.

City officials say they are working with the attorney generals office and the league of cities to void the meeting.

Elliott could not be reached for comment.

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