Melissa Cornett speaks out about her daughter's special gift

By Matthew Rand | 

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - She lost three family members, including her daughter and husband. They were gunned down in the parking lot of Hazard Community and Technical College last week. Now, Melissa Cornett is talking publicly for the first time about what happened, and what special gift her daughter Taylor left behind.

It just so happens Taylor was an organ donor, and her mother tells us her daughter's body has been used to save the lives of others.

Melissa Cornett is still visibly shaken from the loss of three family members, including her husband Jackie and her daughter Taylor.

"My loss is still going to be my loss," she said, "but someone else can keep from suffering."

That is because Taylor was an organ donor. The family tells us Taylor's organs have been used to save the lives of others.

"It is such a comfort to me to know that part of her is still living on in someone else, giving them a better quality of life."

Cornett says 12-year-old Taylor always showed a great love for others. She says giving the gift of life is something her daughter would have wanted.

"The greatest love I could show, was to let my daughter be the person she was, and she was always helping people," Cornett said.

Cornett says Taylor is still helping people, a silver lining in a situation she calls a senseless waste.

Kentuckians who want to become organ donors can now have their wishes known with a special symbol on their licenses or I.D. cards that also adds their name to the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. Cornett hopes many will consider doing it.

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