Meth found in cemetery

By Whitney Burks | 

It is a place families choose as a final resting place for loved ones, but on Sunday one Johnson County cemetery turned into a crime scene.

Police are calling it an unusual bust, but folks with family buried in that cemetery it is a sad example of how drugs are taking over.

"It's not only odd. It's very sad that that would be a place that they would choose to have something like that," said Leslee Pelphrey.

It is a small, peaceful cemetery in a small community, and people who live in the Keaton area say a new problem has stemmed in those woods.

"It's been going on for a few years we suspected, but you know we never had this kind of problem in this area before," said Pelphrey.

Drugs, specifically meth. Sunday Johnson County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a call that someone had been making it in that cemetery.

"Liquid fire, salt, they also had the iodine and everything," said Deputy Terry Tussey.

Pelphrey buried her mom there several years ago, and she calls it shameful that someone would do that, especially there.

"There's no respect," she said.

Deputies say it looks like this is not the first time someone has been in the cemetery making meth, and Pelphrey says she has heard of it before.

"There's been one other incident that some stuff was found that I'm aware of," she said.

But deputies say people are getting smarter about how and where they make the drug.

"They do everything in one bottle. It's a quicker process for them to do, and they can hide it a lot easier from us," said Deputy Tussey.

They say whoever did it chose that cemetery as its final resting place hoping it would go unnoticed.

No one has been arrested yet, and deputies say anyone with information should call the Johnson County Sheriff's Department.