Meth precursors, indoor grow operation found, two arrested

By Katie Roach | 

BONNYMAN, Ky (WYMT) - The Perry County Sheriff's Office arrested two people Tuesday afternoon after finding meth precursors and an indoor marijuana growth operation in Bonnyman.

Police say they found at least 10 marijuana plants, high wattage lights, Sudafed, lighter fluid and other meth precursors.

36-year-old Glenda Neace and 52-year-old Earl Feltner were arrested on various drug charges.

Police say they were searching the home because they received several tips that someone was dealing and selling meth there.

"That's what we ask, call in. It doesn't matter how many times you have called before or what agency you called. If you call us we will do whatever we can to get down there and at least do a knock and talk or try to make contact with somebody and try to get in and get some evidence," said Chief Deputy Tony Eversole.

Police did not charge the two with trafficking because they say there was not enough product prepackaged to support those charges.

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