Meth Education Program

By Maisie Insko | 

The production of methamphetamine is an epidemic that grows in numbers every year in Kentucky.

"Every year we get double digit increases. it's time that we say enough is enough and stop the madness here in this state." says Dan Smoot with Operation UNITE.

That puts Kentucky fourth in the nation when it comes to meth production, raising a red flag for many.

"According to Kentucky State Police it's estimated that seventy percent of pseudoephedrine sales goes to the manufacturing of methamphetamine." says Jackie Steele, Commonwealth Attorney for the 27th Judicial Circuit.

These numbers are why officials are backing the ban of selling pseudoephedrine over the counter. A controversy that has left many people with mixed emotions.

"There's only fifteen products that have pseudoephedrine in it and one hundred and thirty seven alternative products that don't have pseudoephedrine in it." adds Steele.

In efforts to end the Kentucky meth epidemic Operation UNITE is teaming up with several forces to start a meth education program.

Laurel County ranks number one in the state of Kentucky with meth production which is why officials are choosing to kickoff the program here. Next week the education program will be held at the community center in London.

"We will have questions and answers for people in our community to come in and be educated on regards to methamphetamine and also in regards to how it affects their daily lives." Steele says.

All members of the community and surrounding communities are invited and encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held next Tuesday, September 13, at 6 P.M..

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