Middlesboro organization overcoming flood devastation

By Maisie Insko | 

Mother Nature’s wrath took its toll on the Salvation Army in Middlesboro.

"Everything was destroyed, we had to replace all the church pews and song books, just everything it was all destroyed," says Helen Laws, who works at the organization.

However the group refused to let the flood set them back.

"Since then we've been able to slowly rebuild and we never lost momentum," Youth Director, Eddie Harrell says.

Now things are looking up. Although the location is the same, renovations will allow the organization to do a lot more with the building.

"It will be a blessing when we come back and get into our new facility. There will be much more space and it will be a lot better to serve the community," Laws adds.

So despite the flood and now renovations, they still offer the same services they did before and with Christmas just around the corner they are busier than ever.

"We do angel trees and food baskets for the Christmas season," says Harrell.

Those programs cover a huge area that extends from Claiborne, Tennessee to Williamsburg.

"Out of all those counties there's thousands of children we buy gifts for," Harrell says.

It's the generous people in the area that make these services possible

"There's always just that pure heart of people that generally want to help others," he says.

Despite their own hardships.

Harrell expects renovations to be complete by February 2012.

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