Miners help underprivileged kids go Christmas shopping

By Tanner Hesterberg | 

LOTHAIR, Ky. (WYMT) - More than 100 underprivileged eastern Kentucky kids will have a better Christmas thanks to coal miners.

The children were each escorted by a miner on a Christmas shopping spree Tuesday at Magic Mart in Perry County.

"It's so fun" said seven year-old Maci Riddle. "I've never done this before."

Maci got a helping hand from miner Roger Mason.

"I wouldn't have missed this for anything," Mason said. "This has been one of the most enjoyable days that I've had in a long time, just to see the smiles on these kids faces."

Most of the kids picked out clothes and other necessities before visiting the toy aisle.

"I was certain she would go to the toys first," Mason said. "I asked her what was most important to her, what would she like to look at first and she said a pair of boots."

Maci said, "I saw clothes, shoes, gloves and everything. I just wanted to pick one out."

Each kid was allowed to spend $100.

The event was financed by Coal Mining Our Future. The organization's president, Haven King, said, "I think it sends a great message. I think it shows them these coal miners really care. They took the time out to come here and be a part of it."

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