Multi-state credit card scam busted in Johnson County

By Angela Sparkman | 

Johnson County Sheriff's Deputies bust a multi-state credit card scam!
Investigators have recovered thousands of dollars worth of items at a home in Paintsville. All were bought with stolen credit cards and being shipped to Ghana.

Johnson County Sheriff Deputies collected watches, jewelry, perfume, shoes, clothes, and dozens of other items from the home in Paintsville.
Investigators say each item was purchased on the internet with a stolen credit card number.
"We've got victims in Oregon, Texas, Florida, Utah, Arizona, California, and Kentucky," said Deputy Tim Clark.

Clark says a company in North Carolina contacted them and said customers complained they did not buy stuff that was on their credit card bill. The company says the items were shipped to a home in Paintsville.
Deputies went to the home and said the woman living there told them a man she met on the internet was buying the items and shipping them to her house. He asked her to mail them to him in New Jersey and Ghana.

She said she did not know they were bought with stolen credit cards. Officials say the internet boyfriend was using her for the scam.

"A lot of people say it doesn't happen in Johnson County. Well, here's proof, it's happened in Johnson County, but the part that makes me feel good, it didn't get by us," said District 2 Constable Bob Hyden.

Clark and Hyden recovered at least $2,000 worth of stuff she had not mailed yet. Deputies are going to send all of the items back to the companies.
"The companies can get their products back, and the people can get their credit cards reimbursed," said Clark.

Officials say the items were purchased from AT&T, Hot Topic of Tennessee, Cosmetic Mall of Utah, of North Carolina, Shirt Supplier of California, Sheplers of Kansas, Reebok of South Carolina, Forever 21 of California, Designer Shoe Warehouse of Ohio, of New Jersey, Stauer of Minnesota, and Tilly's of California.

Deputies are working with the FBI to locate all of the stolen credit card victims.

Clark says the Johnson County woman is not facing any charges, and she is cooperating with investigators.

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