New plan has local school starting classes later

By Maisie Insko | 

The new year is bringing some new changes for Hazard Independent. The school is now beginning at nine in the morning instead of eight, allowing road crews to make the driving conditions better on days like Tuesday when snow covers the road.

"That's typically the worst month in eastern Kentucky. Weather is fickle and can change at anytime but we are going to try it in January and see how it works." says Hazard High School Principal Happy Mobelini.

Several schools around the region cancelled classes on Tuesday due to the snow but not Hazard Independent Schools and they say they have the new program to thank.

"Obviously if we had been on regular schedule we probably wouldn't have had school this morning because of the roads would have been bad. As long as your buses can run you can have school and obviously roads were clear enough for buses to run today." adds Mobelini.

Hazard High School student Kyle Spencer, who likes the new plan, says now he doesn't even bother to check and see if his school is closed.

"Starting an hour later pretty much reassures we are coming to school. But it will pay off at the end of the year when we are out before anyone else." Spencer says.

And it may even catch on in other school districts.

With school starting an hour later, Mobelini says the students do have to stay an hour longer.
As of right now, the school district will just do the program in January.

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