Northeast blizzard causes problems for Johnson Co. Sherrif's Deputies

By Hillary Thornton | 

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The blizzard in the northeast caused some travel issues for Johnson County Sheriff's deputies trying to extradite a man back to Kentucky.

Robert Slone was the final arrest to be made from a drug roundup in 2011. Slone was located in Reno, Nevada, through the electronic warrants program. Sheriff's Deputy David Pridemore explains, "You run a drivers license and if they have a warrant it sends up a red flag to the law enforcement agency, it doesn't have to be in Kentucky it can be any state."

So the deputies traveled more than 2,000 miles to make that final arrest, but the their six hour trip back to the bluegrass turned into more than 30 hours.

Sheriff's Deputy Terry Tussey explains the ordeal, "We got to Dallas and due to the weather situation and some unforeseen things we couldn't go on the flight we were scheduled for so we had to wait til this morning and catch another flight."

After not sleeping for nearly two days the deputies are happy to be home and although it was an exhausting process officials say they are happy to have successfully arrested 100% from the 2011 drug roundup.

Slone has been booked and is being held at the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.

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