Nothing left of the Pennington house

By Samantha Saracino | 

A historical London landmark crumbled to the ground today in less than 2 hours! After many attempts from numerous groups to save the Pennington house, it came down this afternoon to make way for a parking lot.

Tuesday was the day to bring down the house.

"It was a surprise. We was hoping it wouldn't happen, but it did," said Chris Forbes, a London local.

The Pennington house started the day as a shell, with everything salvageable already taken out, and ended the day as a pile of debris. Local Chris Forbes, who used to play at the house at a kid, was sad to see it go.

"My heart kind of started, it kind of dropped a little bit. You know it was reality. There's been talk about it but we didn't know it was this soon," he said.

The demolishing company started from the back of the house and worked their way to the front taking out the large chimneys in between.

"It's kind of weird seeing nothing there all the years it's been there."

A London landmark is officially gone. The land where the house used to sit will eventually be turned into a parking lot, probably sometime in the spring.

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